Woodfuel appliance installers

How Woodsure benefits installers & manufacturers

Enhanced commercial reputation | Minimising risk | A quality mark you can trust | Recommend Woodsure Certified fuel

As a biomass boiler installer or manufacturer one of your primary concerns will be ensuring that your installation or appliance should run smoothly, efficiently and reliably. Good quality fuel makes an essential contribution to this.

Enhanced commercial reputation

Smooth-running, reliable installations both enhance your commercial reputation and serve as a practical testament to the benefits of biomass. Every successful installation helps to promote the image of biomass as a viable energy source and builds support for the growth and development of this emerging sector.

You will be aware, perhaps more than anyone, of the critical importance of high quality woodfuel when it comes to maintaining the optimum operating efficiency and reliability of biomass boiler systems.

Minimising risk

The hard work and commitment of professionally delivered projects can be jeopardised by poor or variable fuel quality. You can now minimise this risk by relying upon the assurances that are inherent in the Woodsure quality mark.

A quality mark you can trust

Woodsure Certification is now a recognised standard within the UK’s woodfuel market that identifies the conscientious, responsible producers who supply a product you can trust.

Woodsure performs regular product quality tests using both the Austrian Önorm and EN standards.

Choosing a Woodsure Certified fuel source provides both you and your clients with a simple way to identify competent and reputable suppliers who can be relied upon to consistently provide fuel of an appropriate standard.

There really is no reason to risk using an uncertified fuel supply.

Recommend the use of Woodsure Certified fuel because it:

  • Eliminates the risk that sub-standard fuel might compromise your installation.
  • Reduces the incidence of breakdowns and call-outs.
  • Promotes greater levels of customer satisfaction.

Woodsure can also provide:

  • Help & advice to clients about brokering woodfuel supply contracts.
  • An arbitration service in the event of any disputes.

For information on training as an installer visit the HETAS website.