Are you Ready to Burn?

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As the colder months draw in, wood burning stove owners start thinking about stocking up on logs. Woodsure – the UK’s only wood fuel quality assurance scheme – is the Certification Body appointed by DEFRA to administer the Ready to Burn Scheme, an initiative to help homeowners look after their stoves and improve air quality.  

Air quality and wood fuel has become a hot topic and stove owners are being asked to think about the impact of burning poor quality logs has on the environment. A stove is only is a good as the wood it burns and so the Ready to Burn stamp of approval will reassure those who purchase logs with its logo that they are dry enough and ready to burn.

Avoid Wet Wood


Burning wet wood is inefficient as it demands a lot of heat to boil off the water before the appliance can give out the proper level of heat to the room, hot water or heating systems. In turn, this creates a lot of smoke which damages the chimney and blackens the appliance and contributes to air pollution. Dry wood that has been properly sourced and seasoned means it produces fewer particulates, more heat efficiency and less maintenance – chimneys are less likely to block and will remain easier to sweep.

While stove manufacturers continue to develop new and enhanced products to improve efficiency and clean burning, it is the critical issue of wood fuel that plays the biggest role in the air quality solution across existing and new appliances says Bruce Allen Chairman, of Woodsure.

“Today, modern heating appliances are highly engineered, efficient pieces of technology that do a fantastic job – but they can only do so much without quality wood fuel,” says Bruce.

“Think about it, if you bought a super clean energy-efficient car, would you choose to fill it with a fuel that you were unsure of? It’s true that modern heating appliances are not as complex as car engines, but the same principles apply. Poor quality wood fuel leads to smoke and a poor fuel economy.”

The Ready to Burn scheme is compliant with EU timber regulations and will set a benchmark for logs and other wood fuels in the UK to help with identifying wood that has been carefully chosen and ready to burn.

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