Consumer benefits

The purpose of the Woodsure certification scheme is to provide a recognised quality standard for woodfuel products. Woodfuel carrying the Woodsure logo has been tested and proven to fulfil the required standards for your boiler.

Fuel quality is a vitally important consideration for anyone operating a biomass boiler or wood burning stove; poor quality fuel is one of the main causes of faults, chimney fires, air quality issues and breakdowns.

Why use Woodsure accredited fuel?

  • The fuel will be the right size, ensuring your boiler feed system doesn’t block.
  • The fuel will have the right moisture content for your boiler/stove to work at optimum efficiency.
  • It provides a guarantee that the fuel you buy meets recognised standards and fulfils the required specification for your appliance, securing your warranty.
  • Product labelling is consistent across suppliers, enabling the customer to make an informed choice.
  • The Woodsure standard will ensure that the fuel is sourced from a sustainably managed woodland, where the trees cut down to fuel your boiler are replaced, locking up more carbon in the process.

In short, you will have fewer issues with your boiler or stove, your appliance will run more efficiently, with reduced reliance upon back-up systems.

Use our supplier search facility to find the nearest Woodsure certified supplier in your area.

Complaint resolution

In the unlikely event that issues about fuel quality, stove or boiler operation should arise then we can offer a mediation service to help resolve the problem. Woodsure can sample and test the fuel to ensure it conforms to the standard you requested. We will arbitrate between the parties involved and seek to resolve the problem to achieve a fair and equitable outcome as quickly as possible.

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