ENplus® Wood Fuel Pellet Quality Auditing

ENplus® establishes formal standards for pellet fuel quality, facilitating the development of a stable commodity market.

The emergence of the ENplus® standard represents an important step towards establishing woodfuel pellets as a reliable and practical energy commodity by providing vital confidence for consumers.

ENplus® implements a single uniform system based on the EN 14961-2 standard for wood pellets. This system was agreed upon by the European Pellet Council in January 2011 and has gained extensive support within the European pellet sector.

New standard for producers & traders

Businesses that either produce or trade in pellet wood fuel will benefit from gaining the ENplus® certification to demonstrate that their products fulfil internationally agreed quality standards, thus ensuring that they are optimally positioned to participate in this developing sector of the energy market.

ENplus® Audit Services

Woodsure is recognised by the European Pellet Council, and the UK certifying body HETAS, as an auditor for both producers and traders. Contact the team on 01684 278188 or email info@woodsure.co.uk to find out more about our ENplus® audit services.

The ENplus® quality standards

ENplus® enables the customer to identify pellets that fulfil EN14961-2, the European standard for wood pellets. The standards include quality classes designated as A1 and A2. A1 pellets incorporate very little bark, have a low ash content and a higher ash melting point than the A2 pellets. A2 fuel is more commonly used by larger installations and produces more ash.

ENplus® Handbook

The quality requirements for pellet producers and pellet traders who wish to certify are laid down in the ENplus® Handbook. Producers and Traders are subjected to independent audits of their processes and samples of product are also tested to ensure compliance with the standards. Through industry development, the new handbook was developed and released in August 2015, keeping in line with the introduction of the new ISO 17225-2 standard for pellets which replaces EN 14961-2 standard.

The ENplus® Handbook is available to download from the HETAS website.