Government Guidance on Open Fires and Wood Burning Stoves

Woodsure Ready to Burn LogoGovernment Guidance on Open Fires and Wood-Burning Stoves

More Information on Ready to Burn Wood

DEFRA (the government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) has published a helpful consumer document titled “Guidance on Open Fires and Wood-Burning Stoves – A Practical Guide”.

View this document pdf by clicking here or on the cover image to the left.

This helpful document includes information and guidance on fuel use, maintaining your open fire or stove, choosing the right appliance, Smoke Control Area laws, outdoor burning and benefits to your health of following this guidance.

The commitment to Ready to Burn labelling for stove-ready logs is supported by DEFRA, and Ready to Burn is mentioned in this document as a guarantee of good quality dry wood. The Ready to Burn scheme is compliant with EU timber regulations and will set a benchmark for logs and other wood fuels in the UK to help with identifying wood that has been carefully chosen and ready to burn.

More information about Ready to Burn wood fuel is available at or click here to find out more about Woodsure.