How Woodsure assurance works

Woodsure’s methods and procedures for woodfuel quality assessment have been devised to ensure a thorough and reliable proof of product.

Whilst quality testing of woodfuel is an integral part of the Woodsure scheme it is not the only element. We take a holistic approach, providing the woodfuel consumer with confidence and assurance in product quality.

Woodsure’s quality assurance procedures

How Woodsure Assurance Works

The Woodsure approach attempts to minimise the practical and administrative demands upon producers and suppliers, thus helping to keep production costs down.

The Woodsure quality assurance scheme has five main steps:

Step 1: The woodfuel producers apply to the scheme and send us a sample to be tested. We test a representative sample of the final woodfuel product at the point of supply. Therefore, suppliers must have control over the entire production process to ensure final product quality.

All tests for particle size, impurities and moisture content are conducted using test equipment that has been specifically designed for this purpose. The woodfuel standards we test to are the internationally-recognised ISO, EN and Önorm specifications for woodfuel quality (for details see documents listed at the bottom of this page). The new ISO standards (17225) supersede the EN standards (14961). We will continue to test to Önorm, EN and ISO standards to allow for boilers installed before the new standards to receive compliant fuel.

Step 2: The applicant submits a Quality Manual that summarises their production process. By doing this, we gain an in-depth understanding of how their production process operates and can advise upon areas where improvements could be made.

Step 3: A site audit is conducted to make sure the producer complies with the highest quality standards.

Step 4: All the paperwork is completed and submitted to HETAS for approval.

Step 5: HETAS review all the material and, once satisfied, will issue the producer with their certificate.

As we operate in an evolving industry, we too must evolve to incorporate changing industry standards. Whether these are new sustainability requirements, or new woodfuel standards, we assist our members to achieve compliance with any new rules that the industry introduces.

Standard Woodfuel Testing Specifications (PDF)

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