In honour of this year’s theme for International Women’s Day, #BreakTheBias, we asked some women in the firewood industry what this means to them. They provided the words and photos below.

It is important that we continue to represent all voices within the industry to progress.

Laura – Dowdeswell Forestry Services

#BreakTheBias to me means I have my thoughts, opinions and actions respected as an equal in a primarily male dominated industry.

Sarah – The Log People

I absolutely love working in the firewood supply industry and I’m proud of the contribution women have made, and continue to make, to drive our sector forward and shape its direction.

Our industry is male dominated – which is great, but that’s hardly surprising when our industry is peppered with stereotypes and expectations of strong burley males chopping, lugging and delivering logs. And whilst those roles continue to be a lifeblood of our industry, not all these roles are necessarily performed by “big burley males.” There are plenty of females performing these functions too. In fact, our HGV driver and pallet supply manager is a camera-shy but strong-minded female!

Whilst many may not know it, there’s an army of customer focused, strategically-led women performing integral front line and back office roles that are all vital to keeping the firewood supply chain moving. From raw material sourcing, to delivery co-ordination, compliance, customer service and marketing, there’s a wealth of roles being performed by both women and men!

To me, gender equality is a mindset. Equality isn’t just about equal representation in number, but it’s also about how women are perceived and respected in an industry which has been traditionally male-dominated and continues to be a poster-industry of strong burley male stereotypes.

To be truly equal, women, as well as men, must adapt their own mindset. The bias can be broken, but only if we allow it.

Rebecca – All Seasons GM Ltd

Females in the Firewood Industry.

I am a mother, I am a wife, I am a creator and a leader.

We are a male dominated industry but that hasn’t dominated my role within our business. If you want to do it then you’ll do a great job.

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