Woodfuel producer & supplier certification

The Woodsure scheme has now streamlined its supplier certification into one single standard. Woodsure certification aims to demonstrate the member’s ability to produce or supply fuel to a high quality standard.

All producers and suppliers are assessed to be competent in producing fuel to a suitable specification, in accordance with the ISO, EN and Önorm standards. This involves producing a manual detailing timber sourcing, processing and quality management. All depots are assessed to establish their competence in supplying quality fuel in a sustainable manner.

The raw material sourcing requirements within Woodsure were created in line with government sustainability criteria to ensure all fuel sold under the scheme is legal and sustainable.


Ongoing assessment is carried out with an annual audit and additional audits where necessary.

The Woodsure scheme works closely with producers and suppliers to achieve the highest standards of woodfuel production throughout the UK. In addition to testing and assessment we also provide technical and regulatory support keeping our members up to date on industry standards. This assists them toward achieving consistency and quality in their production methods, together with encouraging and advising upon sustainable and environmentally-responsible practice.

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