Scheme benefits for woodfuel producers & suppliers

Becoming Woodsure Certified offers a range of practical, commercial benefits to anyone involved in the management of woodland for the sustainable production of woodfuel, or the supply and distribution of woodfuel.

Why become Woodsure Certified?

Woodsure Benefits

There are a number of benefits to becoming Woodsure certified, including:

  • Quality assurance: provides a universally recognised mark of fuel quality and also identifies the responsible, conscientious practitioners within this emerging industry that woodfuel consumers can trust. The Woodsure Certification scheme is both rigorous and practical and cost effective for your business.
  • Business support: we are committed to helping nurture this new market, providing woodfuel producers and suppliers with practical support, such as independent fuel tests, encouragement, and assistance to enable them to achieve and maintain the highest standards of quality.
  • Business opportunity: Woodsure certification is a valuable point of differentiation in the market and promotes customer confidence in your biomass product.
  • Promotional benefits: Feature the Woodsure logo on your website, leaflets, stationery and being listed on the Woodsure Certified Suppliers map and the HETAS Fuel Search. Certified quality fuel suppliers can use the Woodsure logo to identify that they have fulfilled the required standards for high quality fuel production and distribution.
  • Regular newsletters – updates from around the industry direct to your inbox.
  • There are many opportunities for woodfuel producers in this market: demand for reliable, high quality woodfuel is increasing steadily with the growing take-up of both biomass boilers and woodfuel stoves. Biomass boilers in particular are actively supported through the Renewable Heat Incentive.
Woodsure Certification is becoming the recognised standard within this market, identifying those responsible, conscientious producers that consumers can trust.

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